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“With Our Thoughts We Make the World”

Gautama Buddha

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Zhanang Bhoomi

Come in Peace, Leave in Harmony

What Medical science says - Highest function of nervous system is Consciousness which is defined as Buddha says meditation a means awareness . Whatsoever we do a state of Awareness of self and surrounding environment . This consciousness and awareness is developed by neurotransmitters through present moment activity of net of 86 central and peripheral cranial nerves and sense organs . Buddha taught meditation ( zhan ) - the method to develope medically mentioned consciousness and awareness in such a way so as to reach upto Samadhi- an ultimate state of Nibbana . with we do with awareness is meditation . Action is not a question but the quality that we bring to our action is very important . Walking can can be a meditation if we walk with awareness . Sitting can be a meditation if we sit with awareness . Listening of lecture , birds voice or sound of silence can be a meditation if we listen with awareness . Just listening to inner noise of breathing process or body or mind with awareness can be a meditation . The main message of Buddha is one should not move in self unconsciousness or unawareness , sleep or pramad . Then whatsoever we do is meditation ..

                                                                                  -Dr . Bodhiashok


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The Buddha and medical science and how Buddhas spiritual knowledge is beyond medical science.

The Buddha is the highest Physician on earth and his highest medicine is meditation. My vision about Buddha



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